The Florida Project

Genre: Drama

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Product: USA

Stars: Brooklynn Prince, Christopher Rivera, Aiden Malik, Josie Olivo

Director: Sean Baker



The Florida Project, a drama film co-directed by Sean Baker and co-written by Chris Bergouch, is the work in which Willem Dafoe was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his supporting role. The film tells the story of a summer vacation at a motel in California, near Walt Disney World Park. Moni (Brooklyn Prince) spends the summer with her friends, who are children living in the surrounding motels, exploring the surrounding area, nature tourism and childish routine mischief. Miley’s young mother, Haley (Beria Viniti), is looking for a job renting a motel, and Bobby (Willem Dafoe), the hotel’s chief executive, is taking care of them. The film takes place during this summer, Haley’s attempt to match money, Money’s games and his friends, and Bobby’s troubles.



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