How to download with GPLINKS

Hello everyone, we are Team HDMELONS

This is a tutorial page for our new download method for both movies and series!!

Step 1 :-

First, Go to your favourite movies or series which you want to download

Then, Then Click on the Resolution in which you want to download the Movies/Series

Step 2 :-

Then, You will be redirected to the Other Link like this it starts downloading !!

Click on the verify Button

Step 3 :-

After clicking the verify button your page will be refreshed and then scroll down to see the Im not Robot


Then, Click the im not robot Check box

Step 4 :-

After, The Im Not robot is verified, Then scroll down to the end of the page! Then click the continue button

Step 5 :-

Then your page will be refreshed again and then scroll down to the buttom of the page and then wait for some seconds and then click the Get Link Option to Start the download

Thanks, for reading the tutorial and we did this for money to run this site. So, please follow the tutorials

Thanks in Advance

If You have further doubt for downloading watch the below Video Tuutorial for assistance