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  1. Djin

    Can You Please Upload Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air ?

  2. vishal yadav

    Peaky blinders Season 3 and 4 links are not working please fix it

    1. Yash

      Hi there,

      If you’ll right click on the link and then Open link in new tab, I’m pretty sure you’ll have your solution.
      I mean please do correct me if I’m wrong admin.

      1. admin Post author

        Hi Yash,

        Yeah you are right. it will work as you said. thanks for your support.

        1. Yash

          Hi admin,

          Hey sure man I mean you’re doing great and you won’t believe I have given your reference to more than 72 of friends and I’ve got total 211 texts messages from others friends and they think that this particular website is fantastic just awesome. Yeah I mean sometimes dead links are there minor issue, but as requested you always fix ain’t that right, but over all this is of the most amazing website we’ve encountered in terms of HOLLYWOOD Movies & TV Series.

          Thank you

          1. admin Post author

            thanks yash , Thanks a lot. we will continue to do best of it. However please bear with us for any delays for few more days . As we are busy with our job and cannot able to concentrate much on this.

  3. Amin

    Bro please update monster Hunter 2020 (Tony jaaa)

  4. admin Post author

    Hi Joy,

    Thanks you so much joy for your kind words. we appreciate your support hardly. we are struggling to run this site because of low user visit as we are currently doing it for free.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Potter,

      We have uploaded it. please check.

      1. admin Post author

        first part of the “fantastic beasts” has been updated.

  5. Djin

    Can You Please Pretty Please Please Upload Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air And Selena+Chef ?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Cherry,

      We have uploaded it. please check.

  6. Yash

    Hi admin,

    Can you please upload [ The Predator (2018) ] its a must watch movie sir.
    Thank you

  7. Jiovanni Nongrum

    Hello admin links of peaky blinders are not working (S2 -S6) I can’t download any. I’ve been waiting for two weeks.

  8. KMhnt

    Hello admin
    Can you upload kingsman movie series

  9. Anonymous

    Hello. Please upload Superman & Lois. Thankss.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Milo,

      We have uploaded it. please check.

  10. Saurabh rawat

    Upload the Falcon and winter soldier

  11. Djin

    You Alive Bro??
    Where Are Alll The Latest Movies?
    Snyders’s Cut,Raya and The LAst Dragon,SAS ; Red Notice???

  12. shubham

    please add the falcon and the winter soldier.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Shubam,

      We have added it please check

  13. Gaurav Singh

    A Writer’s Oddessey in english Or with english subtitles

  14. purvesh dubey

    please upload two and a half men full episodes

  15. purvesh dubey

    please upload series two and a half men , all episodes.

  16. Raaga

    Whatever the link I touch it says, can’t open. There is some problem with opening the page. Please fix this 🥺

  17. Ragland Paul Smith

    hi…can you upload ..pele the movie….(not the netflix documentary)

  18. Swathi

    Can you please upload ‘The Call’ 2020 movie?

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry for delay, the movie you suggested has been now updated on the site.
      thanks for your support and keep supporting us 🙂

  19. Enola

    Bro you are back !!! I’m so happy 😊☺ can’t control my happiness where you’ve been bro these many months . ❤ please upload Halloween 2018 in 1080p

    1. admin Post author

      “Haloween”2018 has been updated. sorry for the delay, thanks for your support and keep supporting us 🙂

  20. Enola

    Bro thanks for increasing link speed downloads are faster than old times
    Upload F9 if available in HD

  21. Enola

    Bro Also Kingdom Season 2 (Netflix Original) in 1080p in English

  22. Dora

    Bro why don’t you remove comment section if you don’t upload any requests

    1. admin Post author

      sorry bro, this movies links are unvalid ,
      i try to upload as soon as possible.
      we are extremely sorry .

    1. admin Post author

      sorry for the delay now ” fear street ” movie has been updated.
      keep supporting us.

  23. Swathi

    Can u please upload ‘The Bold Type’ series???

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